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Hospital Working Day

Amanda Norrad

Nurse Practitioner
Board Certified Advanced Aesthetic Injector

Keri-ann Baxter

Registered Nurse 

Certified Cosmetic Injector




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About Us

Amanda received her Bachelor of Nursing degree from the University of New Brunswick. Amanda spent her Registered Nursing career in the Emergency Dept and Intensive Care Unit (ICU). During this time, she obtained her Trauma Nursing and Critical Care Certification among others. She then sought her dream job by obtaining her Masters of Nursing Degree and Nurse Practitioner certification from the University of Toronto. Her burning desire for Aesthetic Medicine began after experiencing the fulfilment that clients achieved from Aesthetic procedures. She completed her training and multiple certifications from the Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine. Amanda has such enthusiasm for obtaining clients desired aesthetic results while demonstrating striking precision and safe injection technique. You can be sure your consultation with Amanda will thoroughly discuss and address your specific aesthetic concerns!

Keri-Ann received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from UOIT. She has worked as a Registered Nurse predominantly in high-acuity settings including the ICU and recovery room. On top of being a critical care nurse, Keri-ann is a wife and mother of 2!

Keri-Ann expanded her scope of practice to aesthetic medicine, achieving certifications in both Basic & Advanced Cosmetic Injectables from the Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine. Keri-Ann is passionate about delivering client satisfaction with natural results. She continues to advance her knowledge and skill set in order to provide up-to-date, safe and sought-after results for all her clients.


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