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What are neuromodulators? 

Neuromodulators refer to what is commonly called "Botox".

In fact, the chemical used is a protein called Botulinum toxin A. There are many Health Canada approved brands of Botulinum Toxin A (neuromodulators/neurotoxins) for Cosmetic and Therapeutic use i.e. BOTOX®/Dysport®/Nuceiva™/Xeomin®. 

How will "Botox" work for me?

Neuromodulators block the production of Acetylcholine which eliminates muscle contraction and diminishes or weakens the ability to generate wrinkles in the treated area. During treatment, think of your muscle being in a rested state. 


What is the goal/purpose of neuromodulators? 

The goal of neuromodulators is to: 

1) Reduce wrinkle formation now for maintained youthfulness, smooth complexion, and relaxed appearance

 as these will lead to permanent wrinkles over time.

2) Avoid permanent wrinkles by blocking muscle action causing wrinkles with facial expression as those will lead to permanent wrinkles over time that can be seen at rest (these are more difficult to treat).

3) Diminish established wrinkles - with ongoing relaxation of the muscles (not contracting), static wrinkles (or wrinkles that exist at rest) can be diminished or disappear.


Am I a good candidate for neuromodulator treatment?

Schedule a free consultation we will review your age, medical history, conditions, medications, allergies, and other unique factors to determine your candidacy. We encourage you to highlight your concerns, ask questions, ensure your specific goals are realistic and achievable.


How long do neuromodulator results last? 

Individual results vary for many reasons which will be discussed in your consultation. However, on average results last 3-4 months. 


Do I have to continue getting treatments once I've started? 
No, you can choose to stop treatments anytime you like. 


What happens when/if I stop getting neuromodulator treatments?

Many people wonder if their treated areas will be "worse" after they have botox. The answer is absolutely not! Many people continue to see some benefit after product diminishes. This is because the muscle is rested for the duration of treatment, the muscle does not have the strength to generate the strong wrinkle-forming contractions you previously did pre-treatment. 

Eventually, the longer you have without treatment you will regain strong dynamic muscle movement and associated wrinkles.



Botox & Dysport


Upper face:

Forehead & 11 lines $200-320 (average: $240)

Eyebrow Lift $28-80 

Crows Feet $96-224 (average $160)

Bunny Lines (wrinkles at sides of the upper nose) 

$28-70 (average $48)

Lower face:

Masseter (TMJ/facial slimming) $500 

Gummy Smile $40-80

*when treated alone (otherwise $8/unit)

Lip Flip/Vertical lip lines $40-80

*when treated alone (otherwise $8/unit)

Smile Lift $40-80

*when treated alone (otherwise $8/unit)

Chin Dimpling $40-80

*when treated alone (otherwise $8/unit)

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