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  1. Complete your medical intake form (sent upon booking) so your practitioner can assess your candidacy for treatment.

  2. Avoid alcohol, over-the-counter Aspirin, Motrin, Gingko Biloba, Garlic, Flax Oil, Cod Liver Oil, Vitamin A, Vitamin E or any other essential fatty acids for 24hr before treatment. These items may increase bleeding and bruising. ** do not discontinue prescribed aspirin, plavix, warfarin, apixaban, edoxaban unless you have been advised by your prescriber or treatment practitioner

  3. if possible - Arrive to your appointment with a clean face (i.e. no make-up).

  4. Do not attend your appointment if you: 

  • have an active facial infection,

  • have an active cold sore (or cold sore in the past 2 weeks)

  • have a fever, shortness of breath, cough, or new nasal congestion/discharge

  • tested positive for COVID-19 or any other communicable illness in the past 14 days
    ** please contact us in advance to cancel or reschedule your appointment.


 What’s normal after a procedure? 

❖ Wrinkle relaxer injections can cause temporary small amounts of swelling, bumps, redness, bruising, tenderness, a mild to moderate headache and sensations such as tingling or mild itching after the treatments. You may also experience a tight sensation or heavy sensation in the treated at the treatment areas which will subside. These effects are so common they can be considered a normal part of the process. 

❖ It will usually take between 3 and 10 days to start to see any muscle relaxing effect and 14 days until the full effect has been reached. 

❖ Treatment benefits start to wear off after 3-4 months on average. 

How to protect your result and reduce side effects:

You may: do small contractions of the muscles treated every 20 minutes for the first hour. If you don't do this - it will not affect your result.

❖ Use Tylenol (acetaminophen) for tenderness if needed

❖ clean your face but When cleansing, avoid pressure and use gentle strokes away from the eyes (24hr). 

❖ For 4 hours:   avoid lying on your side, bending over, and sleeping,

                                  avoid touching the treatment area(s)

❖ For 24 hours: avoid tight-fitting garments over the treated area (i.e. hats, helmets),
                                  avoid strenuous exercise (sprinting, jumping jacks, HIIT, etc.) or

                                  avoid excess alcohol (>2 beverages)

❖ For 48 hours: avoid exposure to UV light and heat (i.e. prolonged direct sun exposure, sauna, steam, sunbeds, hot showers). 


❖ Wait a minimum of 2 weeks before skin resurfacing, chemical peels, semi-/permanent make-up (i.e. lip tinting), facial massage, or laser treatment. 

❖ **Hyperhidrosis clients: Avoid use of anti-perspirant for 24 hours


Reduce the Chance of Infection: 

❖ Do not touch the treated area for 6 hours. 

❖ Do not apply make-up over injection points until the day after the procedure. Make-up contains high levels of bacteria.

When to Contact Us... 

Contact us if you are worried or distressed in any way. To optimize results, if a touch-up appointment is required or desired, please ensure it is booked two weeks from your initial treatment.

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